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Best Time to travel to South America
South America can be enjoyed all year round. Hold your cursor at Weather Planner in the menu above and select your destination. A glance at our weather guide per country will tell you the best time to go based on rainfall and temperature.
Argentina and Brazil, both in the Southern Hemisphere, can be visited all year round but most people prefer to book flights to South America during peak season – mid December to early March – when the weather is hot and humid. But if you’d rather avoid paying top dollar for South America flights and accommodations, then the best time to go is in winter between the months of June and October. Chile, also in the Southern Hemisphere, has climactic variations from the north to south. The north can be visited at any time of the year while central and southern Chile should be avoided from June to September when snowfall can get heavy.
The Andean countries including Ecuador, Venezuela, Bolivia, Colombia and Peru have two distinct seasons: wet and dry, and depending on the altitude and proximity to the equator, each country’s peak season will differ slightly.
Bolivia has the most unpredictable weather in South America, thanks to its topography and altitude. Generally the best time to visit is during the dry season between May and October. Peru is another country with complicated weather due to its high elevation and close proximity to the Pacific Ocean. The best time to visit is summer, from January to March when days are hot and humid.