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The Viruá National Park includes more than 227,000 ha and is located in the Municipality of Caracaraí (RR). The name derives from a stream that rises withing the park. The climate is equatorial (hot and humid), with a short dry season, with higher rainfall in the autumn. The area includes a large almost flat plain, […]

Serra da Mocidade

O lugar é uma das regiões com maior diversidade biológica da Amazônia, pois fica entre dois biomas distintos: terrenos sazonalmente alagáveis da bacia do Rio Branco e trechos de terra firme sobre rochas Pré-Cambrianas. A beleza cênica existente nos 350.960 mil hectares da reserva deu o nome do parque. Criado em 1998, o parque faz […]

Monte Roraima

Monte Roraima National Park, created in 1989, covers an area of 116,000 hectares to the north of Brazil, in the state of Roraima on the border with Guyana and Venezuela. It is a region of beautiful savannah, intersected by rivers and waterfalls and is the location of one of the highest mountains in Brazil, Monte […]