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Protected Areas in Brazil

Brazil is characterized by a complex system of conservation units. As a matter of fact, 2,61% of the national territory is covered by strict protected areas and 5,52% by areas dedicated to sustainable development, for a total of 8,13% of the national territory. However, this figure is slightly overestimated, since many areas of environmental protection […]


Tumucumaque Mountains National Park lies in a large and continuous belt of pristine forests of 3,870,000 hectares, an area equal to Belgium, in the northwestern portion of Brazil’s Amapá State, with a very small area inthe Pará State. It covers most of the boundary between Brazil and French Guyana. Created in August 2002, the park […]

Cabo Orange

This National Park is the only one in the Amazon rainorest on the coastline. The vegetation and fauna found there is slightly different from the other parks, since it is influenced by the Atlantic ocean ecosystem. This Park has some infrastructure but just for their permanent staff, not for visitors yet. Nevertheless it’s possible to […]


The Viruá National Park includes more than 227,000 ha and is located in the Municipality of Caracaraí (RR). The name derives from a stream that rises withing the park. The climate is equatorial (hot and humid), with a short dry season, with higher rainfall in the autumn. The area includes a large almost flat plain, […]